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U Channel Roll Forming Machine


U track machine information:

U Channel Roll Forming Machine - U stud machine plate deviation test method, such as the plate running to the right, left corner of the pad (feeder), or fall to the right bottom flat.

The first row and the last row of the U Channel Roll Forming Machine find a good center, and then tighten the two sides of the lock , in the center of the middle wheel before and after pulling a straight line, adjust the gap between the upper and lower shafts, then Can adjust the machine along the straight line.

Those who do not understand the structure, performance and operation instructions of the angle forming machine must not start the machine. The roll forming machine must not work beyond the minimum closing height. That is, the minimum distance from the bottom of the sliding box to the working surface should be 290. The height after the upper and lower molds are clamped is required. In addition, the thickness of the upper and lower plates plus the thickness of the slabs are not allowed to exceed 290?, and the design should be designed according to this requirement in order to avoid machine accidents. Always pay attention to the observation, the sliding box and the height of the lubricant on both sides of the body. Equipment should be wiped regularly, kept clean, no muddy water is allowed.

Firstly, the angles of the four corners of the front and rear rakes of the angle forming machine are the same from the height of the upper end of the shaft, and then from the first row to the last row, a straight line is straightened. Check whether the lower shaft is On a straight line, adjust the left and right sides of the lower axis to level.

The demand for roll forming machines mainly focuses on high-end products such as medium and large-sized and heavy-duty machines. Although the import volume and import amount of Jinjia and Jinchee in China have decreased in 2007, the growth rate of machining centers and milling machines is still positive. It shows that China’s demand for high-end machine tools is still very strong. In order to meet the needs of the market, the capability of R&D and innovation of China's machine tool companies has been greatly improved, the product structure has been further optimized, and the market competitiveness has been further improved. From the perspective of market share, domestic share Finally, it accounted for more than 50% of the market share of Kok Chi forming machines in China, reaching 57.4%, which was the first breakthrough in 2001. In the future, the space for China's machine tool substitution import is still very large. From the perspective of specific products, the market capacity of Kok Chi forming machines The import and export deficit for larger lathes is not large.

Angle Chi forming machine adopts Taiwan Delta DVP14ES host computer, using the text screen display of the electronic control system, easy to operate, easy to use. The angle Chi forming machine uses high-level automatic control software to achieve the production of information management; The entire unit automation control system The use of a highly integrated network makes the performance of the automation system more superior. The color steel tile equipment also has the advantages of operation, maintenance, maintenance, mechanical debugging and easy mold replacement. The color steel tile full steel structure workshop frame, single color steel plate steel structure Workshops, multi-span steel structure workshops, timber-lined beam plants, and villa-style color steel houses are connected with color steel ceilings, roof tops, large-span factory buildings, and light steel structures.

The angle forming machine also has the advantages of operation, maintenance, maintenance, mechanical debugging, easy mold replacement, etc. The color steel tile full steel structure workshop frame, single-sided color steel plate steel structure workshop, multi-span steel structure workshop, and wooden traffic beam Plant, villa-style color steel house with color steel plate canopy, roof plus layer, large-span factory buildings, light steel structure ring shed.

Angle Chi forming machine can be installed separately, but it needs manual loading and unloading of blanks. It can also be configured with automatic loading rack and unloading manipulator and extruder, cutting machine, sending machine and wagon conveying line. The production line completely eliminates the need for manual operation. Compared to the ceramic tile automatic pressing mechanism, the structure of the angle roller forming machine is relatively simple. The structure principle of the cement tile pressing machine is relatively simple. It is mainly composed of a hydraulic pump, a hydraulic sliding plug, and a fixed pressing table. , The activities of ring, pressure tile mold and other components. Its working principle is the current stage of the process of raw materials into the next mold, the hydraulic pump drive pressure tile automatically under pressure, cement sand in the role of pressure is filtered more Moisture and compacted cement tile products with a certain strength
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